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Filarmonicii 2, Sibiu 0722265992
Opening Hours
Monday  8:00 -  2:00
Tuesday  8:00 -  2:00
Wednesday  8:00 -  2:00
Thursday  8:00 -  2:00
Friday  8:00 -  2:00
Saturday  9:30 -  2:00
Sunday 10:00 -  2:00
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There is no place that I know of in Sibiu where you can talk to strangers and make friends easier than at the Art Café. If you plan to visit the city and want to get to know the natives, especially some of the more bohemian among them, this café should be on your agenda.

Although the place has proven a great spot for inquisitive visitors, it is primarily frequented by local artists and amateurs, many of them being German speakers, as well as by students of nearby highschools. Their main activities while at the café seem to be listening to jazz music, playing chess, debating the current art exhibitions and various other topics of varying interest. Which is just as it should be.

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posted by noni - January 13, 2007  1:02
cozy, not at all pretentious...relaxing
posted by rebelutza - February  7, 2007 23:28
nice.. ambient dragutz..
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