Sigi Kultur Café

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Piaţa Mică 16, Sibiu
Luxemburg House basement 0269213088
Opening Hours Daily 10:00 -  3:00
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At the entrance of the Casa Luxemburg, a menu board (something very useful and very rare in Romania) catches my eye. I walk down the stairs to the basement. The café is divided into four quarters: the room that hosts the bar, a hallway, a small booth and the main room. Aside from the tables and chairs made of massive wood, the place also features wooden beams mounted by the walls - an efficient, yet still pleasant way to enlarge the interior.

The menu is rich and well structured at the same time. I find absinthe 55°, probably for the first time in Sibiu. I order one, as a matter of fact two...

The café often hosts cultural events (it's called "Kultur Café", after all): photography, painting and graphics exhibitions, sometimes short films. Many VIP's stop here during international arts festivals.

Last but not least, the place is under no circumstances reserved for the rich or priviledged. You may feel free to visit it any time, as often as you please.

great staff...great times!:)
posted by noni - January 13, 2007  1:07
great staff...great times!:)
posted by Hermann - March  6, 2007 12:33
great thinks are's soooooo nnnicccceee to relax in a nice place :)
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