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Piaţa Mică 6, Sibiu
behind the City Hall
Opening Hours Daily  8:00 -  4:00
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There was a time when this bar was the only one in the Piaţa Mică. Those days are gone, and Union is trying to keep up the pace, having been recently redecorated. As a matter of fact it's trying a bit too hard, trying to speedily acquire what others already had centuries ago: the ceiling has been given new, false joists, and the  decorations (such as mural paintings and bas-reliefs) strive to put the smell of old things in the air - unfortunately, many of the decorations are identical.

Union tempts you with a bar, lounge and pastry, so that you can basically come here at any hour and find something appropriate for that time of the day. Prices and service could use some improvement, as well as the menu (which is thin and not really catching your eye). Music attempts to satisfy all people who come in, the result is a unique and a bit bizarre compilation of modern romanian society.

nice try:) ... aici te simti bine doar daca e...
posted by noni - January 13, 2007  1:10
nice try:) ... aici te simti bine doar daca esti "de'al casei"
posted by rebelutza - February  7, 2007 23:24
Nu a fost prea pe gustul meu, tind sa-i dau dreptate lui noni...
Chelnarita f prost imbracata, a venit sa ne ia comanda fara sa ne dea meniul... la nota de plata nu am primit nimic,nici un bon, decat nota verbala...
Croisantul rece, paharul de apa pe care i l-am cerut mi l-a adus dupa o ora...
In camera de nefumatori erau lipite ff kitchos niste afise cu "fumatul interzis" intr-un loc in care nu toti oameni puteau sa-l vada.. si etc etc...
posted by hugowolf - March  9, 2007 10:04
Haha, si mai au si sigla ECC 2007...Servirea e dezastru. Am asteptat 15 min dupa chelnarita sa vina sa ne ia comanda, ne-a servit ceai in cesti fara farfurie cu lingurita in ele. Am rugat-o sa-mi dea o farfuriuta sa le pun acolo. Raspunsul a fost... Puneti-le in scrumiera!

NU mai trec pe acolo.
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